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Class Action Lawsuits and Recalls

These are places that you as a homeowner or as a home buyer can go to see if there have been (or are) class action lawsuits or product recalls that might impact your selling/buying decision. Many of these sites are gateways to vast stores of knowledge.

Weitz & Luxenburg PC - a legal company site that talks about the current PVC controversy a site covering a wide range of recalled items, including home appliances Tools of the Trade - recalls of tools that a home builder might use or have Even though this is a New York-based site, it has good information about lots of topics

Go where the Pros go - to the online site for home inspectors. About 2/3 the way down the opening page you’ll find the recall section

This site is run by a Houston, texas home inspection company, but it has good info on recalls.

The site for building pros to go for information. Lots of great articles and information on building practices and regulations

The recalls page from this site about home appliances and accessories

Another lawyer-sponsored site with settlements of lawsuits

Here’s a site that you should visit if you’ve discovered that yo have asbestos in your home - - It’s not a legal advice site, so much as a site that will educate you about the health issues that asbestos is connected with and hopefully help you avoid the dangers.