recalls and lawsuits

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Class Action Lawsuits and Recalls

These are places that you as a homeowner or as a home buyer can go to see if there have been (or are) class action lawsuits or product recalls that might impact your selling/buying decision. Many of these sites are gateways to vast stores of knowledge.

Even though this is a New York-based site, it has good information about lots of topics

Go where the Pros go - to the online site for home inspectors. About 2/3 the way down the opening page you’ll find the recall section

Another lawyer-sponsored site with settlements of lawsuits

Here’s a site that you should visit if you’ve discovered that yo have asbestos in your home - - It’s not a legal advice site, so much as a site that will educate you about the health issues that asbestos is connected with and hopefully help you avoid the dangers.